Ron Paul tactics infuse Khuri campaign with awesomeness

Ron Paul tactics infuse Khuri campaign with awesomeness

Martina Webster holds the torch of liberty outside meet and greet for Kelly Khuri, candidate for Clark County Council At-Large, on May 4.

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Little Free Library Indiana update

Little Free Library Indiana to meet

Imporant note: The location for this meeting has changed from the Jeffersonville Library to the Red Cross building on 8th St., in Jeffersonville due to the closure of the library in recognition of MLK Day.

Little Free Library Indiana will meet on Monday, Jan. 16, at The Jeffersonville Township Public Library at 6 p.m., in the large meeting room. The meeting is free and interested members of the public are invited.

Little Free Library Indiana is committed to promoting literacy and a sense of community by providing small, free lending library boxes as detailed at

For more information, please contact Phyllis Wilkins at 812-987-6424 or by email at

The website for the local group is also up and running with a rumored assist from Debbie Harbeson. Check out the website and Debbie’s progress with her own Little Free Library at

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Waffle House in Jeff to host free holiday event


Cody Keach



Dec. 10, 2011

Southern Indiana – Children visiting Waffle House in Jeffersonville with their families on Sunday, Dec. 18 between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. will be treated to a free waffle (dine-in only) and a free gift from special guest Santa with whom they may have a free picture taken.

Waffle House #539 is located at 505 Indiana Ave., just off of I-65 at Exit 0. For more information please contact unit manager Cody Keach at 812-284-6555.

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League of Women Voters to host Meet and Greet for elected officials

The League of Women Voters of South Central Indiana will hold a meet and greet event at IU Southeast on Grantline Rd., in New Albany on Dec. 20 from 6pm – 8pm in Room UC 127 which is located in the University Center.

The intent is to give area citizens an opportunity to get to know their elected officials. All elected officials from Clark and Floyd Counties are invited. I will update this post closer to the event with some of the officials who have confirmed that they will be attending.

Please contact Jessica at 502-523-9684 for more information and look for the group on Facebook.

Little Free Libraries coming to Southern Indiana




Little Free Library Indiana to hold first community meeting


Little Free Library Indiana invites interested members of the community to attend a meeting Friday, Dec. 9 at 6 pm at the Red Cross office at 1805 E 8th St., in Jeffersonville for the purpose of launching this local effort to promote literacy and a sense of community by providing small, free lending library boxes around the city as detailed at


The new group is in particular need of those with skills in carpentry/woodworking, public relations, website creation and maintenance, fundraising and anyone with a heart for this mission.


The first Little Free Library is planned for the Cherry Hill neighborhood in memory of Charley and Mickey Reisert.


For more information, please contact Phyllis Wilkins at 812-987-6424 or by email at

Dale Moss column on local effort:

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Help save Save that Dog Sanctuary

One of the key players in efforts to get Justice for Jeffersonville Dogs during recent concerns with the conditions at our local J.B. Ogle Animal Shelter needs our help.

Katherine Fraze, executive director of Save that Dog Sanctuary, is attempting to raise $10,000 by the end of the day to stave off foreclosure of her 130-acre sanctuary in Floyd Co.

Click here to donate and learn more about Fraze’s work.

WHAS11 visited the sanctuary and reported on Fraze’s fundraising efforts over the weekend.

Fraze, the dogs and the sanctuary have incredible stories. I may get around to telling some of them here soon. You can check out the website, blog and catch up with Katherine on Facebook at your leisure, but time’s awastin’.

Please consider a donation at the link above.

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Kelley for Council

According to the stats for this site, a lot of folks are ending up here while looking for campaign information. I’m glad to have you here at the Agitator, but please find campaign information here:

The front page the link will take you to is updated information. For bio please click on “about Kelley” on that page, and for my stances on specific issues, please see the “Issues” page.

Thank you.

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Public property and political posturing

All of a sudden, Jeffersonville Mayor Tom Galligan and Councilman Mike Smith are very concerned about the condition of a few city-owned properties in the Rose Hill neighborhood.

They are right to be concerned. The properties  have been unsecured, vandalized, weedy and generally unsightly and unsafe. More than one person has mused about what would happen if an individual property owner maintained their property in the manner the city has maintained theirs.

Only a cynic would think Smith’s and Galligan’s sudden concern in this matter is suspiciously timed just before an election. Just because these properties have been in this condition for months is no reason to assume politics are in play. The facts Smith approved the claims for these purchases when there was no process in place to secure them and Galligan’s administration has been in charge of maintaining them doesn’t make them responsible for the condition of the properties.

It’s good they could respond to a constituent with a Galligan sign in their yard, but it’s hard to understand why it has taken them so long to become concerned and why they have less concern for the conditions in another neighborhood just a few blocks away, a neighborhood in which the quality of life has declined dramatically recently. That decline is entirely the fault of the incumbent mayor and the city council that enables him.

Indiana Ave property. Yes the door is open. Yes those are holes in the roof.

Door open again. Guess someone needed some aluminum gutters and a pair of shutters.

Such a lovely home. They do say sunshine makes a great disinfectant!

...and fresh air as from an open, well broken, window.

Anyone need a sink? Sorry we can't offer you gutters, too.

Yes, that door is open, too. There were a total of three houses with the front doors wide open. This was approximately 1 pm the day after Smith voiced his concern about the homes in the Rose Hill neighborhood and minutes after WHAS 11 was interviewing folks on Pearl St. about the issues with city-owned properties there.

The reason these folks on Indiana and Ohio are being treated this way is because of the trouble they have caused the city. Many of the homes have been repeatedly flooded due to poor design, poor workmanship and poor decision-making by those in charge of infrastructure. The nerve of those residents!

The picture below shows a recently installed sewer drain in the middle of Indiana Ave. The problem is, the water doesn’t run to the center of the road, it runs to the side of the road. One of the homeowners tried to explain this to those doing the work, but was told since that is what the city told them to do, that’s what they were doing.

When it rains, cars parked on the street get flooded. Those in the neighborhood, tired of replacing rusted brake calipers and the like, got smart and started parking their cars in the yard when it rained. Guess how that plan turned out? Protecting your vehicle from being flooded is a code violation.

Gravity can be a challenging concept.

There is good news in this story! Remember those trees the city cut down in Vissing Park? It appears they’re regrowing them downtown on the Frank’s Steakhouse property!

This is just across the street from retirees homes. Pretty sure one of us would get in trouble if our weeds got this high, but on the bright side, the mosquitos seem to love the au natural landscaping.

That is not a toy truck in the foreground. The weeds were about twice the height of the full-size truck.

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Know what?

Know who the Occupy Wall Street protestors remind me of? The Tea Party.

Know who creates corporations and gives them a license to rape? The government.

Know what The Establishment, The Elite, The Man should do when all the We the Peoples figure this out? Run.

Viva la revolucion!

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Voter registration deadline Tuesday Oct. 11

In order to participate in the upcoming municipal elections, voter registration applications must be received at the voter registration office by the end of the business day on Tuesday.

If you need assistance obtaining forms, filling them out or turning them in, please call me at 812-207-3416.


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