Something has to give

This week’s column was published today, though it’s probably of most interest to locals.

There was some significant editing done to this one, but I understand the paper’s reasoning this time.

We have some peculiar politics locally, and lately it seems there has been a string of high-profile cases in which those perceived to have some status or pull appear to have either evaded appropriate consequences for their own  behavior or had undue influence in areas they shouldn’t which has caused harm to others.

The paper gave a very light touch to most of my column. However, toward the end, a paragraph closes claiming rumor has filled the vacuum left by unsatisfactory answers from officials. The original next paragraph read as follows:

“Rumor is, many kids, including mine, may have lost good coaches due to the arrogance and selfishness of a parent who threw a hissy fit and is perceived to have some power, particularly in the kind of circles where superintendents are overpaid with secret, private donations.”

I knew I was pushing my luck, but figured I was maybe covered by labeling the comments as rumor, using the word “may,” and not actually naming the alleged hissy-fit thrower.  Someone saw it differently, and I think I disagree but see their point.

It really does seem something is going to have to give around here. Too frequently, from too many different sources, in too many different settings, I hear dissatisfaction expressed about one of a handful of people in the local power structure, often from people who rarely pay attention to politics.

When you mess with sports in these parts, when certain names just keep showing up in the paper with new alleged bad acts or it seems there are different rules for different people, the broader population will get resentful, particularly in cases it really affects their lives or wallets. 

It can’t go on forever. 

Something has to give

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Newly offensive request: play nice

Though I arrived to Facebook late in the game, it didn’t take long to rack up some friends, particularly before I realized those suggestions listed on the side were suggestions from Facebook rather than real friends. Getting offers from new friends to see their “sexy pics” also made me more selective, so I got to a relatively stable number early on.

Recently, that number of friends has decreased by a few. Of the ones I’m sure have un-friended me, there is one devout lefty and one righty. The sin I committed to be rejected: pointing out political comments were mean-spirited. The nerve of me.

It is mean, un-Christlike and a turn off when liberals start bashing Sarah Palin’s kids or lumping all conservatives, tea partiers, libertarians and neo-cons into one bunch and painting them with the brush of racism, ignorance or redneck status.

It is mean, un-Christlike and a turn off when conservatives feel the need to use offensive language and untruths at the persons of the president and first lady rather than making thoughtful comments about the policies with which they disagree.

Just because you’re a liberal and believe yourself to be on the side of minorities, the poor, the otherwise disadvantaged, does not somehow give you a license to be hateful to your opponents. It paints your side as the snobby, hypocritical elitists the right says you are, and it’s wrong.

Just because you call yourself a patriot and claim to be on the same side as God does not mean you should get a pass for calling the first lady a “bitch” and wishing ill will to the family occupying the White House. That actually makes you a hateful individual who seemingly can’t use bigger words to express herself, thereby playing into the left’s stereotype of you, and it’s wrong.

Un-friend away! I like being right and can handle lonely if necessary.

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Get real

I am slowly getting back to this project after a health-related hiatus.

Please enjoy this week’s column, and I hope to get up to posting regularly soon.

Curran to Congressional candidate: Talk Normal

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